sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2011

Dark place. *

     I was seating on the corner of the bedroom, remembering your laugh and the face that you had showed me for the first time.
     It was dark all around me, but I could see the memories that filled that small room with so much colors. Those colors hurt me the most, despite the smile they put in my cold face.
     I was feeling alone, just seating there, looking at the times when I was smiling in your presence, when I    blushed because you were looking at me, when I cried on your shoulder, when I touched your hand and the warmth started to fill me up.
    The only thing I could do was cry, just like a lost puppy would cry if he didn’t know is away back.
    The cold was everywhere, and I was obviously shaking, but I wanted to be shaking more. I wanted it to be even colder, I liked the sensation. Somehow it was making me fell alive.
     So I got up and opened the window that was just in front of me and instantly the cold air filled the room what made me feel a little relieved.
     The moon was illuminating the streets where all the people where enjoying themselves, running around, laughing with other people, just living there lives.
     I put my hand in my pocket and grabbed the picture that was there.
     He was smiling like always. But that time was special. For the first time that charming smile was exclusively for me.
     That time was very special.
     Then I wiped the last remaining tear on my face, and said:
-                                  - I love you
     I gave a deep breath and at last I ripped the picture in very small pieces that just went flying with wind, further and further away from me.
-                                - Someday I will tell you that with the same smile that you gave that day. But please, for now, just leave.
     In that moment all the memories and colors disappeared with the wind, and the room was again in the dark.
But now, I could sleep.  

Have a sweet lollipop
And a hug from Alyssa*  

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